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Found - front wheel

Found a front wheel at the Manly dam Hydro on Wednesday night pm me if it's yours.

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Telegraph Point and Bonnie Hills

I am after any info regarding Telegraph Point and Bonnie Hills. I'm going away for the long weekend and staying near Taree, plan on riding Kiwarrak but am thinking about a day trip to Port Mac to try out the trails over that way. Is it worth the drive to Port or should I just spend my time in Kiwarrack? I've ridden Kiwarrak a couple of times and it's pretty special so the bar is set pretty high for Port Macquarie.
Cheers Steve

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I'm too old for this

Wow that was tough. I think it has all been said - Hills, hills, more hills, heat and cramps.
At 80ks the cramps started and all I wanted to do was click my heels together and be home.
Great to finish and catch up with other Nobbers at the finish and regale warstories - even better to get back to camp and knock over a couple of Coronas and devour a steak.
Great atmosphere on track.
I said to Daniel that was it for 100kers and I stand by that - until entries open!
Good on everyone that had a go, it was tough out there.

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Blood, sweat and banana bread

Great riding, nice to meet some new faces. I think we all left a bit of claret on course today - thanks Naz for playing guide-I hope you heal up quickly. Great little ride with some techy bits to keep you on your toes, but the deal sealer is the coffee and banana bread (or gigantic burger) at the end.
See you guys next time

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Camden River and Mt Annan maps - help

We rode Camden River and Mt Anna today (sensational), I took my Garmin 705 and have mapped them and uploaded to Garmin connect.
Buggered if I know how to get them from there to here - any ideas?
Two great rides so I am reckon a few people may be interested.

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