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Open rides in the Southern Highlands???

Does anyone know which MTB trails are open in the Southern Highlands? Especially around Bundanoon and Wingello. I assume some might still be affected by the bushfires.
Any trail status updates would be appreciated.

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Lost BTWIN 100

Hey everyone was walking my dog at red hill today and found a BTWIN 100 distance tracker. Anyone here lost one?

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Convict 100 Race entry for the 44km

Not sure if within nobmob rules but posting anyway.

I am trying to sell my race entry for the convict 100 at St. Albans for Saturday the 4th May

I am unable to go. It’s for a male entry in the 44km category. Name and Gender will be transferable
Contact me for details.
Selling at $50.00. Normal entry is $80

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CTMBC Sheep Station

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This years Sheep Station Race will have a 50k e bike catergory startint 30 minutes before the other catergries, 9.30 start ,breifing 9.15, enter online at pay on the day

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NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


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Event: Old Mans Valley Hornsby Sunday 17 March

This Sunday at Old Mans Valley (Hornsby Mountain Bike Trails).

Social rides, demos, dirt jumps, prizes and giveaways.

See attached image for details

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Top 3 events in NSW


Just returned from the US and I am looking for some fun MTB events in NSW centered aroudn Sydney. What are your top 2 favorites?


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Frame protection start up


Please visit for more information*

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Should we MTB of NSW be concerned with the degrading of our State Forests

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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I have been MTB riding in the Mid Coast region over 20 years which is by international standards highly valued for its rich biodiversity. Sadly with Corporate demands and short falls in quota promises, our Forest and its Fawna have paid the cost dearly. This broad clearing dries the future forest out it becomes more flamable these trees also do not precipitate moisture like their predecessors. The justification has always been jobs and revenue but in an ABC news article 2 years ago it showed that the industry runs at a loss and forestry axed one third of its workers, in response.

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New Bike Advice

I’m starting to think about my next bike am a bit out of touch with what’s out there so am trying to shortcut my research by asking NoBMoBers for some tips.

I do cross country marathons and my only 2 criteria are it must be dual suspension and it must be able to fit 2 drink bottles. The latter being the hurdle. I also have a preference for 1x11 or 1x12 and sub 11kg.

So far I’m aware of only 3 bikes that fit the bill - Specialized Epic, Cannondale Scalpel & Canyon Lux.

Are there any others I should be looking at?


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Manly Dam Volunteer day this Saturday

After some delays we now have confirmation from council that they will deliver rock and crushed sandstone in time for this weeks vollie day. As usual we'll meet at 8am Saturday morning. The meeting point is Wakehurst Parkway junction with Curl Curl creek fire trail. We will be working on a section of the Trig track.

Rock will be delivered Friday, we also need some helpers to move rock to the work site in time for Saturdays session.

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Manly Dam - Volunteer Trail Maintenance dates for the rest of 2018

If you’re keen to help out then here’s a chance to plug one of these dates into your diary
Still trying to tie up some loose ends for this months effort so stay tuned for more details

21st July
18th August
15th September
20th October
17th November

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Manly Dam Puddle Patrol.

Yep it’s that time again. This Saturday is the third Saturday of the month and that means Manly Dam Volunteer trail maintenance day.
We’ll be meeting just off the Wakehurst Parkway at the Curl Curl Creek fire trail at 8am this Saturday to continue our work on the single track. Please let me know if you are coming along so we can ensure we have enough hand tools for everyone.

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Manly Dam track is open again

The Manly Dam track near the school is open again and slightly remodelled (even including a sort of jump - lets see if that stays)

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Manly Dam Volie day this Saturday

It's on again ..Manly Dam Vollie day this Saturday 8am - 12midday...more focus on the single trail section between the Seaforth bowlo and Curl Curl Ck fire trail. Meeting point will be the gate where the Curl Curl Ck fire trail meets the parkway. hope to see you there .. bring a friend!

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Track closure

Whilst running part of the Manly Dam track between Water Reserve Rd, North Balgowlah and Manly Vale PS, tonight.
There is now fencing completely blocking both foot and bike traffic.
This has effectively closed the Manly Dam MTB loop?
Can someone shed light on this closure?

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Manly Dam Survey markings

Noticed lots of (what I think are) survey markings on the Bantry Bay side of the trail. Blue paint of the type used for marking roads in construction etc. All the way from the Seaforth oval sniggle right through to Possum.

Anything happening to these trails? wonder if it could be because of the tunnel. Really hope we don't lose those bits of track....

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Bike selection advice.

Hi there Im a 172cm 75Kg 53 yr old keen to get back on the bike but a bit bewildered by the changes that have come to the gear in the 7 or so years Ive been out. I ride mostly local northern beaches esp. Narrabeen Manly dam but a few trips when time allows to the Oakes/Andersons or Orimbah. Im up for a good second hand medium, dual Suspension (carbon if I can afford it). So.... opinions 1x10 1x11 1x12??? 29vs 27.5 etc etc.
Cheers Pete.

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Does anyone know what happened to Edward. Went for a ride last night and the trail has been loosely blocked by fallen trees on both ends and all the rocks used for ramps have been moved to block the trail in multiple places.

It looks like it was done by more than one person as alot of rocks were moved and some ricks were very large.

There were no signs posted

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Thredbo Mountain biking

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Went & rode at Thredbo for a few days.
stopped at Stromlo on the way down too.

Ohhh wow....what an awesome weekend of riding. Bit exy....but well worth it.

If you get a chance. Do it. The trails are awesome. Just awesome. Also a trail from tredbo to Jindabine is also about to open for those who enjoy a longer ride.

For your average kinda XC bloke or gal there is 2 trails to choose from. And they are both awesome.

The full day lift tickets are a must unless you drink a lot the night before and only start riding at 1pm. LOL

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Lost Specialized Stix Tailight

If anyone found a Specialized Stix Tailight on Saturday please PM me and let me know.

Likely places would be Manly Dam Golf Course Single Track - probably the cobblestones, Possums - probably around the second rock climb which I didn't quite make Smiling, Cascades Heath Track more likely than Quary, then St Ives single track although I doubt it. I noticed it missing when I got to the Showground.


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What's happened to NoBMoB?

Just logged on for the first time in a while and noticed the last post was three days ago. Seems like everyone has departed? I remember when this was a hive of activity. What's happened?

The funny thing is I was logging on to see if anyone was talking about the Convict. I was considering it for this year and then saw the entry fee was $150. Are these guys kidding themselves? No wonder these races are dying.

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Pearl Beach to Umina Headland track

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

A critical section of what should be a marvellous bike path entry point from Umina to the fire trails south from Pearl Beach.

We are making comments to Council as part of their Bike Plan review.

Reasons for inaction include dangerous rocks but there was a road there from 1927 to 1954. The sewer line runs along the track alignment. No difference in engineering challenge than the Manly to Fairy Bower promenade.

There would need to be rock protection but the Austrians have the technology for avalanche and rock protection for roads.

Rock bolting is also an option.

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Anyone ridden here?

Wondering about a night here..anyone been..what are the trails like.

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Got close shaved on McCarrs by worlds dummest driver

So guy close shaves me today on McCarrs then gives me the finger to ensure i knew it was deliberate. So if it was in a Ford Ranger or Holden Ute probably hard to find the wanker but this genius does it in a Burgundy Citroen station wagon. I am thinking there are probably 1 of those on the Northern Beaches - if you know the car or driver please let me know here

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