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Click on the images for larger view (then, as with most of our pics, you can click the 'view original' link under the picture to get even larger).

NB: If you don't have the luxury of running the Google Earth application it's also possible to look at maps using the web based Google Maps... more on that below.

Using Google Earth

1. First Open

OK then - when you first click the NoBMoB KML link it should open up in Google Earth. Barring any layer and 'My Places' stuff (which I've hidden away for the walk through) things should look pretty much like this:

Google Earth 1. First Open

2. Expand Manly Dam

We'll use the old favourite Manly Dam as an example of capabilities, double click on it there on the left 'Places' sidebar. You'll be zoomed in, plus, some detail in this folder will be seen:

Google Earth 2. Expand Manly Dam

3. Turn on Detail

Pretty basic, eh? So all these pictures we've got lying around... "Where are they taken?" you're asking. Just click the check box next to 'detail' and voila!

Google Earth 3. Turn on Detail

4. Highlight Detail

Want to see the pictures in here? Just click the hyperlink (not the little icon, the underlined blue text) in any of the detail items:

Google Earth 4. Highlight Detail

If you then click on the thumbnail within the dialog that pops up, hey, you're taken right here to NoBMoB to view the original post.

5. Zoomed Detail

To get real close to the action, double click the icon itself:

Google Earth 5. Zoomed Detail

6. Angle Detail

OK, you've got the gist now - just fly about, clicking merrily at the icons and links and generally having a jolly nice time... commit it all to memory then get out and ride it!

Google Earch 6. Angle Detail

In Your Browser

Using Google Maps

Right, beautiful as Google Earth is maybe you don't have it. Maybe you're round a mate's place who doesn't, or has a slooooow machine that won't run it, maybe... oh, that's enough. Luckily there's a way to view any of the individual KMZ files from our site within any modern browser, using the Google Maps site. Basically, just copy the link location from the 'yada, yada interactive map' link found on most rides and paste that into the search box on the Google Maps site.

Alternatively, click one of the pre-made links below:

This method is less than ideal, but it's better than nothing. Actually, it's also rather nice for printing too I guess, but then again, I never felt the need Eye-wink

From the Gallery

When all else fails, there's always the good, old fashioned way. Most rides have at least an overview map located in our Birds Eye & Maps Gallery. Follow the link from the ride write up, or just peruse the gallery at your leisure.


Phew - think that's it... Enjoy!

flubberghusted's picture

Hi Rob,

The continuing trend of seeing so many with iPhones have unfortunately grown on me as well....whatta sucker i am
Trails being the best app for MTB'ers, unfortunately it can only accept gpx files direct from a website. Cant upload any files into the device either.

Any chance we can see some of these maps be gpx'ed as a webpage on nobmob??
Also directional markers on gpx maps or just general trail maps. Any chance that be uploaded on nobmob's super, fantastical maps?!

Love you work mate,


Rob's picture

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