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Oaks up and back.

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By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 30 August 2009

Exact Distance: 

Start on the road opposite the Glenbrook train station.
(due to the distinct possibility of a head on collision with another bike coming down the single track i chose the road all the way to the bottom gates of the oaks. those of you locals who are there at 6 am I'm sure you'll ride up the single)
Continue all the way to the top gates of the oaks fire trail. Turn around and head back the way you came.
Don't stop the timer until you get outside the Glenbrook train station.

Rank Name Date HH:MM:SS Sound Bite
1 tate 11 Apr 10 02:20:45 With Ingar and Andersons in between
2 Brian 2 Jul 11 02:38:10 A nice day on the bike
3 PIVOT MACH 5 30 Aug 09 02:39:47 First time.
4 Pete B 22 Sep 13 02:47:36 Need more training
5 gwiny 10 Aug 13 02:53:42 Must. Go. Faster
6 LK 26 Jan 10 02:56:16 Good Training Ride
7 Runo 23 Feb 12 03:01:10 Half overnight
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no-one has submitted a time for this one....

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Those who would go out to put in a time will probably push on for Wentworth Falls and the grinfest they call The Andersons! Smiling :) Smiling

Does sound tempting though, hmmmm

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I've done the ride quite regularly lately, but never actually put a watch too it. I would have to say that I'm loosely looking at a time of about 3hours, but that said I haven't been doing the ride to set a hot lap.
Next time I do it I'll push it out and get an acurate time up here..

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I cant believe i went to the trouble of putting this up and then realise i haven't even posted my time! ha. I'm a goose.

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Does this challenge include all the single track on the way back?

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For safety reasons (ie head on collision) I do road on the way in and single track on the way out. Been a while since I've been up there ...

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