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Morning in the Northern Beaches

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By Dicko - Posted on 14 January 2010

View from a morning ride around the Northern Beaches !!

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... but which track is this on?

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I was curious too. The pic has lat/long so I plugged the numbers into Google Maps.

Looks like it's near Palm Beach, in a McKay Reserve. I didn't know there was a track there, that's for sure!

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What do you mean the pic has lat/long Puzzled

Edit: Found it. Never even new that existed

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Horrid, this pic just shows what a rubbish place we live in. Get rid of it!

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Theres is some overgrown sniggle in the reserve.

Needs some work to make it truley rideable - but nice view.

I thought this shot would have a few people guessing Eye-wink


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