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Manly Dam Sunday 24th Jan 5-8 hours...

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By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 23 January 2010

Hi everyone. as you well know today (sat) was too hot to get any significant hours up without major side effects (like dying or turning into dust) so i plan to get over to the dam tomorrow ( sun) and have a day on the mtb.
This is not a ride meeting but instead is an informal invitation to all those who will be out there and feel like
A- saying hi as you go flying past me
or B- ride with me for a little bit

I have no set direction but will not stop except for water top ups at the car park by the hydro lab.
I may even make my way up to Cascades for some hill climbing.
I'll be on a blue Pivot and be wearing a blue Pivot shirt.
See you out there, Darren.

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Yeah, you were smart not to do this today. Our social ride was just that, but those not so smart who added there and back to the schedule were cooking for over 5 hours today.

Nice ride all the same and luckily am not dead or dusty. Phew! Eye-wink

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Hi Darren

I might be up for a ride around the dam, what time are you thinking?

EDIT: don't worry, if I see you I see you Smiling

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..... could alternate between the standard laps and the pipeline?? What time you planning to start???
If I go, I will probably aim to get there between 6am and 6:30am.

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As I'm planning a long day it will be as early as possible to avoid finishing at 8 pm and not being able to sleep at night.
I will try to catch the first ferry from Circular quay at 650am, arrive manly 720 and at school by 745. I find it hard to get up early for MTB and yet on the roadie i can happily hit the road by 430... what's with that?
I'll include short laps and pipeline and whatever.

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I just cant seem to get on the MTB in the morning like i do on the roadie! So 1230 i left my house and rode to Manly instead of the ferry and after almost 7 hours, 117 km's and over 5000 calories later i ended up back home.
And there wasn't a soul out there who i recognised. in fact there was only about 15 people in total i think but it was a great ride with an awesome temperature.

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More road on Tuesday if you're game:

The start is right next to train station if you don't fancy riding there Eye-wink

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@ Pivot - why? What a boring training ride!

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Riding is awesome fun. you missed out big time Smiling.
And i never really think about these things as training rides, I just think of it as getting out on my bike and having a good time.
I don't put myself under any pressure to do certain amount of km's or hours i just try to keep moving, eating and hydrating.
As long as i have time up my sleeve and I'm enjoying myself then i keep on trucking( and i guess I'm always looking for the next big thing) Sunday just happened to be a perfect riding day Smiling.
Next week... Oaks 'n Andos up and back with a mate ( who happens to be an excellent hill climber) so I'll be trying my hardest to keep up.
All in the name of fun!

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would'n't you go and ride somewhere more interesting? Surely you didnt enjoy lap after lap after lap of the dam? I simply don't get it - but then I like to ride to and from somewhere instead of around and around... If i knew you I would say 'werido'... weirdo!

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Doing laps is good for mental strength

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Thats funny. I just typed 3 long paragraphs which I then deleted because it didn't really make sense, then Brian summed it up in 7 words the very next post....hmmm I think I need coffee!!

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I disagree with you both - nothing unusual there hey!

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Bugger Christine now I have to try and remember my 3 paragraphs and get it to make sense this time...hmmm let's see....
We're talking about a very long "training" ride here. Thats completely different to a fun explore of new tracks or group ride with your mates. With a training ride you're trying to get your body and mind prepared for the stresses of a race. Having to force yourself out for yet another lap, when it's much easier to pull the pin, is a good way of simulating those DNF voices in your head during a race.

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I can see the value in doing laps:

1. You're never far from the start should a mechanical hit.
2. You're never far from the start should your body tell you, you've gone too hard this time and you must quit.
3. You're never far from the start should the weather turn bad (which was a distinct possibility that day).
4. You're never far from the start for fuel refills, etc.
5. As you are doing laps you can easily quantify any speed changes.
6. You can invite mates along to do a lap or two for company.
7. Did I mention it's a good thing that you're never far from the start? Eye-wink

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I see your point Rob but in this case points 1 to 4 didn't apply as Pivot rode to the dam from the City, doh... Eye-wink

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