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Melbourne hire

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By flubberghusted - Posted on 02 February 2010

Does anyone know anywhere specific in Melbourne where I can hire a decent rig to try out a few of the tracks mentioned in this thread:

Also any tracks worthwhile within reasonable driving distance of the CBD?

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There is a bike shop at Lysterfield park ( home of the commonwealth games MTB track ) that hires out bikes. Their standard bikes are reasonably heavy Kona hardtails, but I believe they also hire/demo some more interesting steeds.

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does bike hire which is handy as they are right at the start of the trail when you arrive there

Bike Hire Standard Half Day
Kona Hoss Hardtail Mountain Bike, Suitable for around the lake or tackling easier sections of the recreation mountain bike trails. $25 for first two hours or $40 for the day. Includes helmet.

There are other bike shops in Melbourne that hire mountain bikes eg in South Melbourne.

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Lysterfield place doesnt really hire out dual suspension. Well it does at $70 an hour ... geesuz !

Anywhere else?

Also is You Yangs better than Lysterfield?

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I comfortably rode Lysterfield and the You Yangs on my Scott hardtail. The trails are very smooth with only a few small logs / rocks here and there. Nothing like Manly Dam. There were, however, some "double black diamond" tracks that I didn't attempt - perhaps a dual suspension is needed on these sections only.

Lysterfield and the You Yangs are both very good - hard to pick between them. Lysterfield is a loop around the lake whereas the You Yangs have trails crossing all over the place in two main areas (stockyards and kurrajong plantation). Both are nice varied terrain with singletrack through forests. Check out the trail maps / websites for more info.

You Yangs Website

You Yangs Trail maps:

Lysterfield trail map

Check out YouTube (type in You Yangs MTB or Lysterfield MTB) - will give you a feel for the terrain

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I rode Lysterfield with a hard tail when i was starting MTB and it was no problem (some 4 years ago). It was nothing special neither, but it was ok for being one of my first proper MTB rides.
I used to do rock climbing in You Yangs but, althought i had seen the signs with the MTB maps, I have not attemp them, but the You Yangs area is nicer in my view than Lysterfield. The You Yangs also has a sort of drier weather, so if it is rainy and grey in Melbourne, as it usually is, it may be still dry in You Yangs.
I have ridden in the Dandenongs and there are a few trails over there. I do not remember where they were, but i do remember enjoing them more than Lysterfield...

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I rented a duelly from melbourne mtb hire on xmas hols 2017/18 & rode redhill mtb park in mornington area. $88 full day rental ... Yeeew great day trails down there were sweet

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