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Manly Dam dissapointment

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By maddog10864 - Posted on 16 February 2010

Dear All,

I have sent this email in frustration and disgust at the treatment shown to us Mountain
Bikers. Yet again a minority has destroyed another activity for the popular many. The
mountain bike community is being discriminated against as well as not shown the courtesy of
discussion over the issues.

The lack of understanding shown by you all is amazing, as the sales of bikes continues to
grow yet you do not realise this, or plan for facilities that are usable by them.

In the media every day we hear about obese children and unfit people, yet as soon as they
start to get fit and ride a bike, as recommended by the medical fraternity as it is low
impact but high aerobic, you lot stop the only place on the north side of Sydney that they
can exercise?

As it happens my son is very interested in mountain biking but what do I say to him now? the
local bureaucrats decided to close the Manly Dam track so go back to playing X Box? thats
really good exercise guys, hope your really proud of your decision. Must have been a really
hard decision!!!

This is an email from a very disappointed mountain bike rider and I hope someone at the
council reads it and takes note!


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I am not going to be the only one to say this but mate take a chill pill.

Search the Trail Advocacy section of the forum and you will soon see that it is well and truly on the way to being sorted out.

In the interim we all need to sit quietly and patiently and let things run their course. We currently have several councillors on our side and we hope to have Manly Dam re opened shortly. One of these councillors has even taken the time to join the forum, which is awesome and shows they do have our best interests at heart

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perhaps you may like to help deliver flyers to the bike shops or on trail heads to promote the protest if you are that grumpy?

At least you will feel like you are doing something constructive...

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