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By Frags - Posted on 16 February 2010

Am thinking of heading up in morning anyone keen?

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Do you know what the track condition is like after all the rain?

Was thinking of heading up on sat morning

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Yeah Frags, did you go up there this morning? If so what's it like up there after all the rain? I too am thinking of an excursion up there in the next few days.

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Ourimbah generally copes well with some rain. The dark coloured hard pack dirt is good after a bit of watering, reduces the dust.

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Oh yes I know. However what we've been getting lately is so far beyond 'rain' that some of my neighbours have started building arks..... Sticking out tongue

Little-ditty, does that comment imply you've been to Ourimbah the last couple of days?

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rode there on tuesday arvo all good.Although rutted out a little more than usual.

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Sweet. Thank you! Will definately have to head up there on Friday.

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everything was good up there today track was in great condition

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