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Wisemans Ferry ride

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By Yetiman - Posted on 03 March 2010

Looking at doing the Wisemans ferry ride. ie old North Road to the Buddhist Temple and back on March 14th?
It is about 30km out and back and is a mildly technical ride. Great fun and spectacular terrain.
Looking for show of interest.

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Busy that weekend, but would be keen on Sunday March 21st!
Would like to do something a bit longer too - scope out the place in preparation for DirtWorks in May.

I've heard it's not a place to ride by yourself so if not this weekend then I might post something for the 21st as well.


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I'd be keen for either weekend as long as it's on a sunday, can't do saturday's.Haven't been out there for a while.

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Sounds good to me... haven't been up there in ages. Post it and they will come Smiling

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I would be keen too - post it up!

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20/21st would be better as Loop The Lake is on the 14th.

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Actually... the Saturday might be better for me. But don't let that change your plans. If there's some flexibility though, would appreciate it Smiling

Hint, hint Eye-wink

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Actually, ignore my post for the 20/21 as this looks no good either.

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I can only do that Sunday and the following week is no good for me, so I am going to post the entry as a ride. But I am always keen to do Wisemans as its a great track.
So if you and others are keen on Sat 27th March let me know and we can try and organise another one?

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I'm in but would like to do a longer one. perhaps if there is enough takers on an extended adventure we could form two groups? I like getting 60 - 70k covered when I'm up there. Such an awesome place for a long ride.


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Sounds good. We could all do the first section together and then see who wants to continue and who's had enough.
Play it by ear on the day.

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I'll be up for a longer ride, I'm sure others will be as well.

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So just keep going once we get to Clares bridge? I'm up for that as well.

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