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Talk to the hand

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By hawkeye - Posted on 05 March 2010

Here's the x-ray promised awhile back of the damage sustained when I got bumped off my bike at Frenchs Forest by a bike hater last December while riding to work.

Seven screws, and a plate, all Titanium. Will be interesting to find out if it's enough to set off airport scanners.

On the original you can still see the dark lines from the incompletely healed fractures. After noticing them, I understood why the specialists at Clinic 17 at RNSH said "don't fall off for the next 6 weeks. It was hard enough to put you back together the first time!" Each of those screws pretty much holds a single bone fragment in place, about 4 in total. So fair enough I suppose.

After test riding my commuter midweek, I discovered from the contact point with my hand that the bar end was probably the cause of the fracture, where my metacarpal was in contact with the side of it. When the bar hit the road with my hand still firmly gripping it (so quickly I went down), the bone didn't cope too well with being wrapped around the bar end.

Would I have had less damage overall without the bar end? Maybe. My shifters and brakes would have taken a beating, but I might have gotten away with bruising instead of the titanium upgrade.

So for now I've taken the bar ends off the commuter.

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I can see why shaking hands could pose problems !


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haha, thanks CB. Kinda like one of those maori tattoos, except on the inside in silver/grey.

I was in a course yesterday and got some funny reactions to my left-hand-over-the-top-to-their-right handshake.

After my mate almost crushed my hand and I felt a pop near the knuckle a month or so ago, I'm a wee bit reluctant to take any more chances for awhile. Evil So I think I'm just going to shorten the explanation to "traffic collision - long story" Sticking out tongue

It just gets annoying that folks assume from that, "oh, yeah, bikes are dangerous" so that sets a red flag with me and we then we get into the whole "it wasn't an accident" shebangabang anyway. Gotta laugh. This one's going to be part of my life for awhile, I think. Sticking out tongue

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Hawkeye, just remind me, did they ever get the guy that did that?

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6 points and $550 fine. Pretty lame.

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Ahhh Clinic 17. I love those guys. Smiling
Interesting analysis. I also did my 5th metacarpal after stacking my MTB. I also had bar ends.



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Did they screw yours together as well, or did you get away without it?

I'm wondering whether it might be better to get it removed after awhile. It strikes me that I;ve introduced a bunch of stress points and that it's more likely to break again and into more and smaller pieces if I leave it in.

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