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Rotorua Trip

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By Dicko - Posted on 18 March 2010

Hi all

Currently planning a trip to do some riding in Rotorua in April. Basically we have 4 days arrive Friday Ride till Monday lunch, then return home Monday evening.

Anyway flights are booked, car rented so all is good on that front.

Would like to get some advice on accomodation, that is close (riding distance) to main trails (Redwoods), riding distance to pub / food. It would be great if we could get some views of one of the lakes in the area to chill out after a ride for a few beers on a deck.

I am think of cabin style accommodation, or holiday house of some sort close or just outside Rotorua. Not looking for anything too upmarket. Just a boys trip so no need for the bells and whistles.

The latest AMB article on Rotorua recommends an area of Lake Okewara, which seems to be just outside of Rotorua, but close to Redwoods.

Anyway I know many of the people have ridden, lived or have friends in the area, so an direct advice / recommendations on accomodation options would be great.

Also any recommendations on trails to attack - must do's etc would be also good. Is it worth doing a day trip to Tapua or just stay in the Rotorua area ?

Advice appreciated


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There are 2 entrances to the Good Stuff...

1. At the end of Long Mile Road, by the visitors centre:,176.26870...

2. Just off Waipa Mill Road, a little further out of town:,176.25222...

There are a zillion motels on Fenton St which is around 3km from the second trail head, or maybe 5km from the one by the visitors centre.

There is also a camp site... erm... Holiday Park basically right next to Long Mile Road which has cabins and stuff:

You must, absolutly ride.... erm... ALL the trails. At least 5 times Laughing out loud

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I stayed at the YHA, centre of town, cheap as chips, good sized kitchen if you can't be bothered heading to a cafe for breaky every day. It also has 2 secure areas for bikes and an area to unpack/wash/repack them. Easy riding distance from there to the trails.

Also make sure you catch that first shuttle from the bottom on the weekend when the shuttle is running. I don't mind pedaling up hills but you get a lot more in with the shuttles and only the first one leaves from the bottom after that they shuttle the top half.

As for which trails - Billie T, Roller coaster, Hot X buns, alternating bits of corners and huckleberry hound - you cant really go wrong!
(Although I did find the chinese menu over rated).

Since you have a car, spare a day to check out the W2K trail at lake Tapao. It is amazing. The trails at Rotorua are a lot of fun but this has to be seen (and ridden) to be believed:

It is quite new and all the locals recommend it. It is about an hours drive from Rotorua.

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If you are looking for nice accomodation other than hotels, I would suggest looking on this site.
For those who don't eat fush & chups, a bach is a holiday house - great value.

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ie, not pronounced "Bark" as in the composer. Bloody kiwis can't spell. Sticking out tongue

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I rode Rotorua just before Christmas and stayed at the Alpin Motel which is in Sala Street which is right on the door step of the Redwood Forrest entrance. The room was generous in size having a seperate bedroom, a kitchen, living and dining space. In addition there is a little courtyard at the back which has a spa bath but no water jets. I kept my bike in this area. There is also a heated swimming pool, steam room and sauna. I used the swimming pool once but didn't use the steam room or sauna. The swimming pool is located in the middle of the complex and is surrounded by a beautiful green lawn which in turn is surrounded by the motel rooms. They will bring you breakfast if you want or you can make your own as the kitchen is fully equiped. There are a number of BBQs around the pool area and outdoor dining area. There is also a laundry and clothes drying areas.
When I first arrived I stayed at the YHA but soon moved out as the room was the size of a shoe box, had no where to hang your clothes, no where to hang your towel, it didn't even have a soap dish in the shower and the bed was a 4" mattress over a plywood box. The Alpin was $80 a night and the YHA was $78 a night for a double room.

Trails to ride; generally the trails higher up the hill were the best. There were so many good trails it is had to nominate a favourite but here are some of the ones I enjoyed the most: Little Red Riding Huck, it has 40 jumps in it and one big drop at the end, Huckleberry Hound, Corners (as the name suggests heaps of sweeping berms), Billy T (you can link this in with Split Enz, Pondy Dh & Pondy New, Roller Coaster and Old Chevy) Those 4 will leave a smile on your dial. "A" trail and the Tickler also link into one another and I use to do those two at the beginning of my ride as they were fairly close to the motel. The Grinder is also in the same area as "A" Trail and it is a lot of fun to. I think I rode 30 trails, and some of them numerous times during the 8 days I was there. I suggest using the shuttle service as it allows you to experience so many more trails in the limited amount of time you have.

I haven't seen anything so well organised as the trail system at Rotorua. You will have a great time there. Oh and if you are looking for somewhere to eat try the Mad Dog Cafe in town.


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