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Sat 10 Mar - Distance Training

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By Rob - Posted on 04 March 2007

Hmmmm... yesterday was hard. Hot and humid and only 33Ks in around 3 hours of riding. Although it had over 1000m of vertical I was disappointed at how tired I was feeling.

Time to get serious about doing some distance for the DW!

Where: Ryland Meeting point, Mona Vale Road (there's a dirt area with plenty of parking).
When: Saturday 10 March. 7:30am (I know some will want earlier, and some later so this is nice compromise).
What: Bit of distance and climbing (there will be some nasty hills) training:

- Ride out on Ryland/Cooyong trail.
- Take a right towards Terrey Hills and join the Sandy trail.
- Turn left there and head out the end of Sandy.
- Turn left down Anembo Road and ride round the reserve.
- Join the reserve to Bibbenluke Track (NB: I've never done this, but there is a trail and it's marked. It looked rough last time we were there though).
- Back up Bibbenluke, down a couple of roads to the Koala Park.
- Down the side of Koala Park and onto Booralie Trail.
- Duffys Trail out and back.
- Up Cullamine to join the Perimeter Track.
- Long Trail out and back.
- Out the other end of Perimeter and down various roads (Booralie/Laitoki/Cooyong/Coolowie) to East end of Neverfail Gully.
- Ride Neverfail Gully.
- Turn left and enter East end of Sandy Trail.
- Ride sandy back to the junction we came in on, turn left back towards Ryland.
- On meeting Ryland, turn right and go to the end and back.
- Then continue back to the start.

A very rough measurement puts this at 37Km, can only guess at the vertical, but sounds at least 1000m.

I can't ride for a while on the weekends after next Sat, so will want to press quiet hard - one should be able to maintain a 15K/h average on these trails which would put the ride time at an estimated 2.5-ish hours. Call it 3 hours for good measure? We'll probably finish in 4 Eye-wink

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Could be a laugh. I'm not doing the DW so I reserve the right to bail out and cruise back to the car.

Depends on how big Friday night will be for me....


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Need the training, but hopefully won't slow you down too much.


PS: Rob - there is a continuation of the single track that wiggles parallel to Monavale Rd. It links the single track from the show ground to Ryland.

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Definitely need the distance training

Happy riding

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Count me in, would suggest we start at a moderate pace and then build up, I agree that at least 15Kph should be the goal, though I'll have to rely on your GPS for that as I've lost my computer.


PS - Remember to bring enough drink and food with you to keep you from getting fatigued over the full distance. I'd aim for about 1L and a Gu/Powerbar equivalent per hour, bring more than you'll need as there's few things worse than being bushed with 5k to go and not having anything left. Recovery is much slower if you get dehydrated too.

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Need to go flat hunting in the morning. so its red hill in the arvo for me. Too bad. Have fun!


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I should be there.

Finished building up my Trance last night and need to give it a good thrashing. It's so bouncy...

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what a bloody cold i have - more than a week now, still sore throat, aches and pains! so i am bailing out of tomorrow's ride

have fun


evan's picture

There is 90% chance I won't make it. I'm still @ work and its 11:28pm Sad


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***rolls around on the floor in fits of laughter***

Stuart M's picture

***currently on the floor next to Craig****

tienster's picture

and those Xanax, Valium and Pethidine....

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Exactly as planned:

Erm... well, aside from the tubeless puncture, broken chain, stops for brake and chain adjustment and beers last night (took a good couple of hours to get them out of the system).

Without the breaks came in at 41.45Km, 3h04m, 1045m vertical - quiet close to the guesstimate.

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Now I'm sure you're not as niave as me but just in case you are thinking about it, don't try and repair the chain with the existing links, throw em away and use new pins and the spare links you had left over from fitting the chain in the first place. If you use the existing it will, unquestionably, break again, as mine did on Thursday.

So this brings me to a question, why is it that when technology steps in to make things easier it seems only to complicate the issue? You see the specialized had an SRAM chain (first and last time I'll use one but thats another story) got it going again to get home last Wednesday night. Tried to get replacement pins for it, as you can with Shimano chains, and guess what you can't all you can get is their 'powerlinks". It comes with a power link so I don't want or need a second "weak spot" on my chain. Result, out it goes and a new Rohloff is on its way from Germany.

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I'm nice and sore today, which I guess is a good sign! Went to bed at 3pm, up at 6pm, back to bed at 10pm, and up at 7:30. Definitely getting in plenty of recovery sleep!

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