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Hawkes Bay (NZ)

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By Lach - Posted on 15 April 2010

Anybody ridden at Eskdale or Pukeora mtb parks near Napier? How do they compare with Rootaroa?

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Just back from two weeks in NZ which included Eskdale (+ Rotorua, Lake Taupo, Makar Peak at Wellington and the Queen Charlotte track). Eskale was the only dissapointment. It is written up as a top 10 NZ riding destination, but unless you have another reason (Napier is a very nice place) don't bother. All track signs have recently been removed due to logging. Navigation is a pain and the tracks just are not up to the quality available elsewhere. If you want to travel out of Rotorua the shorter drives to the W2K track at Lake Taupo and the Moerangi Track through Whirinaki Forest are absolute classics. Just a warning, the local bike shops are extremely parochial and know nothing outstide the local trails. Moerangi requires a long car shuffle or local farmers can cart you in to the start. Have more details if needed.

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Thanks for feedback. Did want to see Napier and its art deco architecture and have an offer of accommodation there, but travelling with a mate and our non-mtb wives, so need to apply limited mtb time judiciously. By the sound of it, Eskdale may not be one of the places to do that.

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