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By nrthrnben - Posted on 13 May 2010

Just a heads up Dirt Art has nearly finished the new and improved legal Grove Dirt Jumps.

The works should be completed within the next week or two!

Had a quick squiz and it has a main A line, B line and Kids/Newbies line.

All local Mountain Bikers/Dirt Jumpers should take a look as its amazing what they have squeezed into the site

Great work Dave,and the guys helping out with the build!

Thanks must also go to the council for allowing the rebuild and the dollars

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There were loads of DJ scenes in that "What's Next?" clip - where's cupcake and that blue P3? How hard could it be? Eye-wink

Don't suppose anyone has been taking pictures of the progress?

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Where is The Grove? got a Googly map link?

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Reckon once it's up and running we should post a full ride DB entry. Anyone into DJ that can do a write up? I probably couldn't make the place sound cool enough Eye-wink

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In the bush behind the tennis courts in Seaforth Smiling

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You mean by Bareena Park? Which isn't really Seaforth so am not convinced this is the right place:,+151.261182+(The+Grove%3F)&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17

Nope - not here... see later posts.

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Just went for a stroll with my son to take look and it's really starting to come together.

Is this a sport for 40 somethings to get into. Hmm... tempting.

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Sort of just to the left behind the Tennis Courts.

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How many of the people that have posted on this thread actually ride dirt jumps? For that matter how many Nobmobers ride DJ’s . Could we have a case of people meddling in something that they know nothing about.
I would strongly suggest putting the needs of riders above the self interest of this website and not advertise this place.
What the Grove needs is time for the local riders to build a repour with local residents without bus loads of tourists showing up and spoiling it for everyone.
Unlike XC trails that share the wear over a huge area this facility is not much bigger than a back yard and is smack bang in the middle of suburbia where even the slightest poor behaviour can spoil the place for others.
I’m not saying that the place should be kept a secret as everyone that wants to ride there will eventually do so but what both the users and the local residents don’t need is to be on the Nobmob tourist guide.
In my view there is a big difference in the behaviour of riders when using a track that they found on the internet compared to a track they were introduced to by fellow riders and at such a sensitive location this difference will be important.

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@Duncan... can't speak for anyone else here, but my interest in this is simply to watch what's going on at the Grove.

While I may be far to old, and nowhere near skilled enough to ride DJ, this doesn't mean I don't want to see DJ riders (and other disciplines for that matter) get the facilities they need.

Baby steps and all that - if the authorities can help riders here, then I would hope they can also help other riders elsewhere.

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Non promotion of a legal venue??

We are seeing more and more that having a proactive approach rather than reactive is the go, show the need, get the support, end result legal trails. Hide things and it just makes matters worse if you look at the big picture.

If the facility is not going to be big enough for those that would be willing to travel there as they have nothing close to them, then maybe you need to start looking at a bigger site, like the belrose tip, for a massive DJ Park, with parking etc etc.

Understand the behaviour issue's but really im sure anyone that plays up will be brought into line very quickly, is there going to be signage and site guidelines/conditions of use.

Honestly the main issue you will have to deal with is the parking, maybe suggest looking at the most non visual parking option in the area, and put it on the site rules.Or maybe get a proper dj/tennis car park put in next to the courts. Other than the parking residents will barely know you are there.

Seriouslly though the stealth culture of oz dj,dh,fr is not in the riders best interests long term.

By us hiding the trails instead of fighting for legitimate ones, we are restricting the growth of Australian MTB, no matter the dicipline.

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Anyone fancy showing the council & press what a track like this is all all about?

See Seaforth Dirt Jumps (aka. the Grove) to open soon - Demo riders required! and drop me a PM Smiling

One thing to mention: this track isn't open yet and hasn't been properly bedded in. Please do not ride until open as doing so before the dirt is properly compacted causes damage and delays.

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