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By J the B - Posted on 22 June 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys, I'm just writing some letters to council and thinking about whether to mention BMORC, and if so, how. Also, having just read that we now have some stickers, I'm wondering what it is that people will do when they get that sticker.
What they're gonna do (I hope), is visit the BMORC web site. And this is also what I'd like my councillor to do when I send him/her a letter.

I think one of the best ways to win support from non-riders is through good PR, and the web site could be the ideal place for this. If we raise a fuss, we could get councillers, NPWS staff, general residents, bushwalkers, etc, looking at the site wondering what the fuss is about.

So, what are the interested parties going to see when they visit the web site? Well they'll certainly see some activity, and the About page is good, but at the moment the site is a little light on static content.

Some ideas that might help our image:

- Can we get some numbers up on the Register Support page? It would be good to show everyone just how many people are interested in this. Maybe even some demographics (e.g. break-down by post code).

- I think we need to provide a little more information about what we mean by "Environmentally Sustainable Recreational Cycling". Let's get something concrete up there, really visible, that explains exactly what that is.

- Have somewhere that lists the issues around off-road riding in the BM (e.g. erosion, habitat disruption, sensitive bushland, increased traffic, rubbish, water catchment, etc). We could go even further here, and even LIST the sensitive environments - maybe even enlist some support from local bushcare groups. This has three benefits:
1. I shows that we've done our research and know what we're talking about
2. It informs local and visiting riders about the specific issues and sensitivities of these areas
3. It shows that we want to educate riders on these issues. That is, we're not just lobbying support to get a trail built, but we CARE about this amazing area we live in.

- Have some information / links that describe the different types of trails, what is a sustainable trail, what are the management issues, etc. We don't have to write all of this, We could start by whacking up a whole bunch of links to IMBA (e.g. The important thing is to have something up there - we're handing out BMORC stickers, remember, not IMBA.

- I was trying to promote the Oaks as an example of a success story, and perhaps indicate how popular it is, but couldn't find any numbers. Anyone got any? Maybe we could try to collect some numbers on how popular the local trails are for LOCALS, by having a Ride Log. Basically start with a cut-down trails database (could just be the ride name/code name if we want). Then every time you ride the trail, you click "Log Ride", select your trail, and add any comments if you want. This would capture: who, what and when. Perhaps we could then list the trails by popularity, indicating how many rides between a date range.

Anyway, been thinking about this for a little while and wonder what everyone else thinks: is the web-site-as-PR-point a good idea, or am I a nutter and we should leave it as a forum and support-registration collection-point?

BTW, I'm happy to contribute to any content that goes up, but I'm not an expert on these issues.

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Hey Jim
I really like the thought you've put into this
I particularly like the links to IMBA etc, and a description of environmentally sustainable cycling (ESC)
Maybe even a case study - great idea

But I'm not sure about BMORC's role in becoming an information source for people outside MTB
i would like to see the site as a site for mountain bikers, not the general public
I think face to face is the best way to educate the public, if they're interested enough

But I'm all for more content
An 'article' about ESC with links to the experts and success stories - love it
And i think MTB'ers may need as much info about this as the general public do anyway

Regarding the website in general, I'm hoping it will evolve more, post meeting

i think the more MTB'ers we have on this site:
The more they will come on group rides
The more they will post their own rides
The more they will become involved in lobbying for authorised trails
The more interesting the content
The more fun we will all have

And I think fun is the key to BMORC or any online community
And info - on bikes, life, politics - anything
That's the good thing about Rotorfark

Lobbying for what you want is a necessary and boring evil, but after Tuesday we can chill and just plug away at it
Authorised trails like the ones we want may be quite some time away
In the meantime lets get out there and carry on business as usual
We're pretty much all mates here, and those that aren't will come along on rides and then will be

FWIW, I'd like to see a best photo section, movie section
Just a few additions to make it worth coming back to

I think the best thing to come out of the closure of OBR is this site
And the unity of riders in a common goal
What direction it takes in the future depends on who becomes involved in it most i guess

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Thanks for your suggestions, I think they are good ideas... I think we need to have a certain amount of information up here and would like much more than there is currently.

This site has only been up for maybe 2 months so it is still fleshing out. Really it was created to be a "solid" thing that linked the idea of the BMORC together rather than it just being a bunch of guys meeting at Lapstone pub. It also was meant to get registrations and be a place to discuss issues. Luckily it seems to be growing and looks like it will serve advocacy issues well, but also may become a useful site for bringing BM riders together as a community and all the benfits that can bring.

So don't think this site is a precious, personal excerise in self interest or something... luckily we are using Rob's framework (Ie global riders) which alleviates a lot of coding issues etc, but it means we need to do content. Personally I know I would like to do more but time, especially with all this advocacy stuff at the moment is always a pain. So please feel free to write anything, provide links etc and I will try and get it onto the site.

So personally I think it would be nice having a good PR section that explains the basics about trails; about envirnmental issues; about examples of elsewhere in the world where trails are sustainable and a good cash cow. I think this will actually become essential, but it will take the effort of knocking it all into shape.

The registered thing would be good... we are into triple figures for locals already and they keep growing. We haven't pushed for out of towners much due to it not really being beneficial at the moment, but that can easily be expanded via our links to Nobmob and CTMTBC.

So really any suggestions are good... sorry if the good ones can't be implimented straight away because of time. However now J the B you are a marked man to become a helper !!! Smiling

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"but that can easily be expanded via our links to Nobmob and CTMTBC."

On that note each user can elect to show content from any of the global rider sites by simply switching on the options in the my account settings.

From ctmbc I see all the stuff from Nobmob, BMORC and Glennrock
which makes it a damn handy resource. Also any one fro those sites is able to log on and check things out or elect to see BMORC content from their usual home page

As for advocacy stuff it's a tough one as the information is all over the shop at present.

Myself, Rob and other started this but with out input from others it kind of fell into disuse. I think that's where the idea for global riders came from. By linking a bunch of local stuff together that has easier input from members you suddenly pull in a pool of resources and knowledge

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