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Cascades Trail / Ingeegoodbe track / Nine mile fire trail / Barry way loop

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By lounge lizard - Posted on 24 June 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I was cruising google earth the other day, and saw this series of trails up in the snowys, and i started to wonder...

It looks like a fairly do-able loop, i remember reading somewhere about the possibility of riding it as a 2-3 day spring ride. With either a car shuffle or a long bit of road bash.

Anyone familiar with it? Done it? other options in the vicinity?

(it starts at Dead horse gap)

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You're talking about the Pinch Ride. See:

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I rode the track (pretty much a service trail) to Cascade Hut and back about 6-7 years ago (possibly longer). There are a couple of killer hills which certainly test your fitness level, but the run down each side is a blast. There is nothing technical/difficult though. Scenery is good - saw some horses on the ride and on the occasions I have walked the track.

There is a book (may be out of print but was available at the NPWS office at the time) written by a mountain biker who documented the various trails, locations, what to expect, elevations etc which was a good guide. There are a few OK trails in the area, but again the technical difficulty is very low/non-existent. The scenery makes for a good ride and kids should enjoy it as well.

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The cascade trail is one of my all time favorite rides. Not technical all though you can get some speed and air on the decents. Well worth a ride.

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Thanks for the info.

So is it non technical enough for a tag-along?.......We've done the oaks (Careflight Classic) and some of the easy flat bits at Stromlo......

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The cascade trail would be OK, its all management trail and double track. The climbs could be interesting with the extra weight, but otherwise it would be fine.

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He's not a dead weight anymore. He pushes me up hills sometimes, though from the info i've gathered from other sites, I think fresh brake pads might be in order at the start.

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