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Time is running out!!!!!! Spread the word! Submission Closing date 25th June.

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By nrthrnben - Posted on 24 June 2010

Please show your support for the draft DEH trails strategy:
Submission Closing date 25th June.
What you need to do to support this strategy:
Email Kain Gardner at [email protected] State your interest in cycling and support for the draft trails strategy “Linking Adelaide with Nature”.
More info can be found here:

Key points of the strategy:

* It’s a strategy to guide trail management of 24 DEH parks across the Adelaide hills. Anstey Hill, Black Hill, Morialta, Cleland, Belair, Sturt Gorge, Sheppard’s Hill, O’halloran Hill to name a few.

* It aligns DEH’s guiding principles and objectives with improved mountain bike access in DEH parks.

* It identifies the current inequity in trails in DEH parks, ie 500 km of trails for walkers and only 4 km of those trails allowing shared use with bikes.

* It displays an understanding of mountain bike riders desire for singletrack and vehicle tracks as opposed to only vehicle tracks, and acknowledges the diverse nature of the mountain bike community.

* It proposes a long distance off road cycle route from Gorge Rd to Sturt Gorge. This would be in the order of 60 km long.

* It recommends trail plans be prepared and finalised as follows:
2009~2010: Anstey Hill, Belair, Black Hill, Morialta, Cleland, Sturt Gorge.
2010~2013: Hallet Cove, Onkaparinga, Shepards Hill, O’halloran Hill.

* It recommends implementation of trail plans as follows:
2010~2013, Anstey Hill, Belair, Black Hill, Cleland, Morialta, Sturt Gorge.

It recommends investigation of the southern extension of the Mawson trail.

What you need to do to support this strategy: It’s simple -
Email Kain Gardner at [email protected] State your interest in cycling and support for the draft trails strategy “Linking Adelaide with Nature”. You can say more if you want, or keep the emails short and simple – but make sure you say you support the strategy!!!
(words borrowed from Rotorburn. Thanks)

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...the link above is incorrect as I think it was copied directly from the Rotorburn page. The correct link is or the strategy itself

How awesome to see cyclists included as main users of these facilities and even better that they actually go to the length of recognising that there are different sub groups which have different needs! it also sensible mentions IMBA and their ability to provide guidance on sustainable trail design. Most councils in Sydney could well do with a copy of this to assist them then they are tackling the issue of the usage of our parks and bushland. Email sent!

(See my joke there, “when they are tackling...”)

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Dear Mr Gardner,

I am writing with regard to the draft strategy document: Linking Adelaide with Nature - a Trail Strategy Connecting People with Adelaide's Natural Areas.

While I live interstate (Sydney) would like to state that when choosing holidays and breaks, being a keen cyclist, the ability to cycle or ride a mountain bike plays a large part in the choice of destination.

The addition of a major Mountain Bike trails network close to Adelaide would make it more likely for my partner and I to visit your area in the future. We therefore encourage you to do all you can to support mountain bike riding and create a large network of sustainable trails when finalising this strategy.


Robin Rainton
Address given

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Subject line: Linking Adelaide with Nature

To whom it may concern,

I fully support the draft trails strategy and would holiday in the region just to ride these trails if they were built to IMBA standards

Kind Regards

Name, Address and details given

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re: Linking Adelaide with Nature Draft Trails Strategy

Dear Mr Gardner,

I’d like to advise my support of the Linking Adelaide with Nature draft trails strategy.

While I am not local to Adelaide (I’m based in Sydney), the ability to cycle and in particular ride a mountain bike on interesting trails plays a significant part in my family’s choice of travel destinations. For example, in the September school holidays we are visiting Parkes and Taree/Forster in NSW purely because of the quality of mountain bike trails in the areas.

Ready availability and close proximity of trails to Adelaide will make it much more likely that my family will visit your city, and when travelling on business will make it much more likely (a certainty, I’d say) that I will extend my stay over a weekend in order to ride the trails.

Kind regards,

Name and address supplied

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