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Worn pads

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By Buck - Posted on 26 June 2010

Finally got around to pulling the bike apart today. Looks like I was using the backing place and springs to slow down by the end of the race.

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the rotors like then, they must be scratched a bit

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Meh - they aren't worn pads... these are worn pads:

Melted Pads


With a bit of luck I'd guess Buck's rotor will survive, is that the case?

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They work....sort of. I went for a short ride today. But due to this damn race the pads are now wearing unevenly. After the pads bedded in I can see that the front pads are only contacting the discs on the inner and outer circumference of the disc. The middle band of the pad is untouched. Opposite problem on the rear. Only the middle band of the pads are touching the discs. Time for a new set of rotors......or maybe just a shiny new set of Elixir CRs Laughing out loud

Other things that need fixing:
Mavic Crossmax freehub is wobbling around. Think a new freehub will be required.
Gear cables. Shifting was a lottery today.
Chain. Already changed over but it was well past 0.75% worn after the race.
Bottom bracket. It was super stiff but after spinning around today they seemed to have loosened a bit. Will probably replace as a precaution.
Jockey wheels. They were completely seized yesterday and the chain was just skipping over it. Loosened up a bit after turning them over by hand. I'll have to strip it apart and re-grease.

Unrelated to the race but the top bush on the shock eyelet is also worn out. Needs to be replaced.

This is starting to get expensive Sad

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Brian has this exact same issue... is there something funny about Mavic hubs?

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Its been like that since new. My brother has been using it with the new cassette and it has been shifting without issues.

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Buck, if you do replace your freehub and it fixes the free play can you please let me know.

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seems like the white nylon bush wears out. It just rubs against the hub body so I guess it's inevitable that it will wear out.

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