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2010 Highland Fling

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By LadyToast - Posted on 01 July 2010

Sunday, 14 November, 2010 - 08:00
8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Penrose State Forest
Ride Database Entry: 
Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

hayman and Ferndale Road, Bundanoon, New South Wales

hayman and Ferndale Road, Bundanoon, New South Wales

You know... the fling. 110Km around Penrose & Wingello State Forests.

Don't forget the Dash on the Saturday night.. it's a riot

Who's in?
Heckler, Whisperer, Buck, scottm8, leximack, Steve 01, D-on, Greg P, garyinoz, Vandelay, CB, linco, philberesford, Supagav, Glen, PIVOT MACH 5, Christoffa, obmal, Newton, CROMERBOY, loki, Pedalgogy, unicycle6869, pat.o, Logan, shrek,, king_nelly, Fatboy, tate, twotommos, daveh, jase2101, brakeburner, Ed, CookPassBartridge, ben.archer, ps, pommyracer, big bomb and th..., Discodan (41 riders)
Heckler Whisperer Buck scottm8 leximack Steve 01 D-on Greg P garyinoz Vandelay CB linco philberesford Supagav Glen PIVOT MACH 5 Christoffa obmal Newton CROMERBOY loki Pedalgogy unicycle6869 pat.o Logan shrek king_nelly Fatboy tate twotommos daveh jase2101 brakeburner Ed CookPassBartridge ben.archer ps pommyracer big bomb and the benzene ring Discodan
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Discodan Tough but educational Finished 03:15:11 138 Half/Male/Veterans 57
pommyracer An improvement but still hard going! Finished 03:23:43 194 Half/Male/Veterans 73
Steve 01 I love cramps Finished 05:23:44 37 Full/Male/Masters 5
tate pleased, but could have been so much (18min) better Finished 05:44:54 79 Full/Male/Veterans 26
PIVOT MACH 5 Could've shaved a few minutes off... Finished 05:55:40 108 Full/Male/Veterans 38
D-on HTFU. Easy to say. Hard to do ... Finished 06:13:03 144 Full/Male/Masters 45
Fatboy My Fling Finished 06:28:22 186 Full/Male/Masters 58
Logan First MTB Enduro Finished 06:30:34 194 Full/Male/Open 20
ps damage limitation Finished 06:34:18 211 Full/Male/Masters 69
Matt_B Love the Fling Finished 06:42:40 232 Full/Singlespeed 9
Whisperer Toast Finished 06:47:44 Full/Male/Super Masters 6
CROMERBOY I'm too old for this Finished 06:56:17 283 95
philberesford The hurt box Finished 07:34:46 395 Full/Male/Veterans 150
brakeburner what a great event Finished 07:36:32 Full/Male/Veterans 153
Buck Tougher than I remember Finished 07:38:46 408 Full/Male/Open 39
daveh Hot Fling Finished 07:51:15 432 Full/Male/Veterans 169
obmal now that was nuts.. Finished 07:55:37 449 Full/Male/Veterans 177
twotommos I got flung in this Fling Finished 08:11:00 479 Full/Male/Masters 152

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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What is the dash?

BT's picture

Is a 6km prologue to the main event. Held late Saturday arvo.

Logan's picture

I have entered as well!

Lach's picture

its got a killer uphill finish to ensure you've got some lactic acid to get rid of before the morning....

ae93gti's picture

Full Fling sold out! Don't know if I'm happy or sad.......

Casual still available a few moments ago.

Brian's picture

I guess I will give this a miss then

arghvee's picture

Missed the rush after 4 years of flings. If anyone has a full fling entry, kindly let me know !

leximack's picture

got myself an entry Smiling
not sure if i am happy about it or not yet Eye-wink


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Hi experienced Flingers. This will be my first full fling. Does anyone have any tips on nutrition for this race. I'm also curious about personal food stations, spacing of these feeds during the event and what you'd recommend in these food top-ups? I'm not physically ready for this event so endurance is going to be key for me...

Logan's picture

However I have been testing myself on long road rides with Infinit Nutrition which seems to work for me + a musli bar and banana

Fuelling is a very personal thing, you really need to have done some training with what you intend to eat during the ride to get a good understanding how your body is going to react. Me personally, I know I sweat a lot and I cant eat sweet things as I can really taste them during excercise, so I have my bottles made up with enough sodium and low flavour and plenty of carbs. Thats just me though.

Supergav wrote a good post about the Angry Doctor and what to expect and around fuelling read that for some information.

leximack's picture

i prefer to eat small amounts often, ie every hr
maybe a muesli bar or similiar.
Eat stuff you can carry easily and open up easily on the go. Eat stuff you know and have tried before and actually like eating.
If you dont like the taste of a powerbar or gel then you are unlikely to actually eat it and will end up just carrying it around with you for 100+km.
Drink lots of water, eat the yummy lollies they have at the rest stops, but be prepared with your own food, someimes the stuff they provide at the stops are either crap or they run out by the time you get there.
Set an alarm on your watch or soemthing to remind you to eat, if you get to the point where you are hungry it is probably too late.
Have fun!


Discodan's picture

Hi Guys

From the more experienced members, is there any advice on which option to take at Your Choice?

How nasty is the short climb? My main references would be around The Dam so are we talking heartbreak hill steep and for how long?


Fatboy's picture

Go left. It is considerably faster than the longer right side and is not anything like heartbreak hill. Picture the short single track at Manly that goes behind the tennis courts and comes out at the entrance to the golf course. That's about how steep we are talking but with a few easy steps to pop over.

Scottboy's picture

the water crossings might be chest deep , a good way to cool off anyway good luck & enjoy

Discodan's picture

I was expecting some everest like ascent, sounds like it's been talked up a bit too much then. Best go and practice my steps though

unicycle6869's picture

Getting excited for it and also very nervous as I've never ridden 110km on one wheel. Should be a challenge and at least there is one other crazy guy doing it on a unicycle to keep me company.

Does anyone know where I can find salt pills in Sydney preferably near the northern beaches?

Also I don't think anyone will be able to help me decide but I have a 29" wheel and debating between 125mm or 150mm cranks. From what I've read I think the short cranks will be better if it's not too technical nor too many huge climbs. Feel free to tell me otherwise and see y'all there.

Logan's picture

for Salt tablets and they delivered the very next day as well, they are based in Bondi. Not used them yet but will be using them for the Fling, as for the other question, cant help you there I am afraid.

Buck's picture

You can pick up salt tablets from your local pharmacy.

I hope it stops raining down there soon. I'm a bit over wet races after the Sydney 24hr and Capital Punishement this year!

Logan's picture

Should be interesting with all the rain lol.

leximack's picture

looking forward to this, even if i have only done 200km on the mtb this whole year Shocked
Should be a fun day Smiling

Brian's picture

Good luck and have fun to everyone riding on Sunday.

Whisperer's picture

Hey Flingers,

Over the years we've mostly camped in the big paddock along the fence line of the main road.
That means turning right when you enter the paddock, and heading back towards the tarred road. It should make sense when you get there.
It's a good spot to watch the finishers coming in at the end, and for those doing the half fling, you'll probably get to watch the mass start going by.
If anyone (who's been and camped there before) has more detailed or better directions please post them up!

Looks like the weather is going to be kind to us, but remember to bring a bottle of chain lube 'cos there's still going to be some deep creek crossings.

See you all down there!


Whisperer's picture

What a tough day out!
Well done to everyone out there, conditions were hard, the hills were relentless, but there were still happy faces at the end!

philberesford's picture

That site is hopeless! The server keeps falling over Sad

Discodan's picture

They did the timing for the World Solo Champs and it was exactly the same, it's not load related either as we were getting it at 3am with only a dozen or so users attempting to access it. I'm sure it must be having revenue impact on the timing company because I sure as shed wouldn't hire them to time any event I was organising

You can get a PDF collation of all the results here:

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25 minutes of Flinging goodness then tune into Foxtel, Aurora Channel 183 tonight at 8pm – Power To The Pedal

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