You are herefutumpch


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By LadyToast - Posted on 04 July 2010

4 Jul 10

It hurts

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Did they move the gate or something? Eye-wink

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hehe... I wish they did.
Had to dop into granny for the last bit, thought I was going to be way off my time but surpised myself on the last corner and span my lardy legs off. Felt awful!

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Nah, you made my day, see my Motivation post Smiling

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is that a numcle putchugle futumpch? (only avid older watchers of an 80's UK tv show will get this!)

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Showing our age aren't we? Smiling

Anyone else know which program?

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I'm guessing either The Goodies or Monty Python's Flying Circus?

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Later than that but along the right lines.

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I remember the character, was he not a little devil, just not sure of the show but will take a guess at the young ones.

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"Phwoar, did you just fart, Vivian?"
"Well, there's a horrible farty smell in here..."

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Crop rotation in the fourteenth century was considerably more widespread after "John"?

I guess you had to be there really. Some of my strongest memories of school were BMXs, Madness and the Young Ones. It still has me in stitches Smiling

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I'd have to agree with you about BMX's & the Young Ones, but not really a Madness fan though.
I've just introduced my offspring to the Young Ones & he quotes them at school, wondering why everyone thinks he's strange...

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Neil, your beds on fire!!!

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' Come in and take the tit off yer 'ead...'

' Amazulu.... ' ' Really,..... Ahmaglaswegian...'

'Honest.... It's a toaster'

etc. etc.


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