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Bali Traliblazers Guide

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By Rob - Posted on 07 August 2010

The guide. Note the long sleeve top. Yup, it was a mighty chilly 28.4C average on this ride.

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The Balo's are funny like that. Smiling Depends on what you're acclimatisd to... on a surf trip I did there in '91, as I was paddling out in rashie and boardies thinking it's a bit cool but I'll warm up fast, a local paddled out in a wettie complaining about how cold it was. I had a great time and stayed out a couple of hours. He lasted about 15 minutes after complaining it was freezing. LOL!

A missionary acquaintance of mine works in north west Africa where temperatures routinely reach 45C. When it gets down to the high 20's - low 30s they start putting on beanies and similarly start commenting on the cold. Smiling

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