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Hot tracks in the USA

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By LK - Posted on 25 August 2010

Hey there nobmob's, I am thinking about an excursion to the USA for a bit of MTBing but wouldn't have any idea of where the best tracks would be. Can anyone help me here? Many thanks....

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Would be my susgestion...

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Paul and I are on a 5 week MTB road trip that started in LA, up to Santa Cruz CA, Bend Oregon, Whistler BC, currently in Nelson, BC. Heading to Moab Utah and Colorado next, then onto Cleveland to check out Ray's Indoor MTB Park and then NY state. Will be able to give better recommendations on our return.

Not sure what kind of riding you want to do or how much time you have but if you only have a few weeks, suggest Santa Cruz, Marin & Downeville in CA and Oregon or you could spend the entire time in Whistler, heaps of riding and not just in the MTB Park. This is just recommendations from our time here last year and so far this trip.

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I would recommend MOAB just because it is so beautiful and there are trails for everyone there. Plus the trails are unique and you'll not find similar tails anywhere in the world. Vancouver, Canada has the best technical trails in the world in my opinion (at least north shore style). But it also depends on what type of riding you plan to do.

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