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Surprised at the time!

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By Sinkes - Posted on 30 August 2010

30 Aug 10

Had a crack and even surprised myself how fast it was. Pushed hard, nothing left in the tank.

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I was thinking of having a go at this on the crosser Eye-wink

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I reckon you'd be quicker... the question is by how much. Smiling

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On a crosser I reckon you'd smash the climb up west head road and the last kay to the finish. The flat firetrail sections should be quicker too. Thing is, would that make up for how slow you'd have to go down the hills? Puzzled

Parbery has been here on his crosser (well - he's been everywhere on it!) so how hard could it be? Eye-wink

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Can someone go under 30? Is Gazza or Supa Gav listening?

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What is a crosser? Is it legal?

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Crosser == cyclocross bike

Here's mine:

Bianchi Cross Veloce

Here's alchemist on his...

... from his @rsebook:

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That looks quick.....You win.Eye-wink

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Yeah... but looks can be deceiving Eye-wink

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Yeah they are fast until Rob falls off it hahah Laughing out loud

Rob in first Aid

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@Buck, you're not far off there actually...

That Mont practice lap on the crosser took 40m37 including the stack and stopping to say hello to couple folk.

Looking at the GPS the time including. stack but excluding that second stop was 36m32s. This is faster than the 'around 40m' time I was doing in the race on Rush... although probably on-par with the first lap, but we'll never know as I forgot to start the timer in the excitement Eye-wink

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