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Indoor Bike Park... if it's raining [Video]

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By Hans - Posted on 04 October 2010

I've heard it's raining back home in Sydney... but there is always Plan B (here in Canada)!

We took the bike-crazed kids from the Canuck side of the family to Toronto's largest indoor bike park... Joyride150.
It has 4 levels of riding, skinnies, jumps, XC course, pump tracks, foam pits....good for adults and kids as young as 5 years old!

Benji with the cousins at
Canada - Indoor Bike park

Think of it as an Indoor Bike park big as Warringah Mall!
Canada Indoor Bike Park Jumps

Check out the foam pit
Canada - Indoor Bikepark - Foam pit

Check out the videos....

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You (and the boys) must have had a blast!

Perfect for inclement weather... I wonder if our council will give an indoor park the tick of approval?

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more than likely an enterprising individual who wants to fill a gap in a much needed market!

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Canada one week, China the week before..... you have the life Hans! and good to see biking is always included.

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