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Moab in the burbs 3

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By herzog - Posted on 31 October 2010

Abort takeoff!

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I know this area.

I was eyeing up how you could (as you look at the pic) get some speed up for a high speed drop to the grass transition on the left hand side. You can then build your speed and move further to the right (centre of the pic).

There are also some good sections in Centennial, either running parallel to Oxford St or just behind the rangers office (near the pretentious, overpriced, under-serviced restaurant)

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before you start your session make sure you check the area for glass as we have found some smashed bottles near the smaller rock area. council seems to clean this park regularly so hopefully no issues.

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Yeah you're dead right - there was a fair bit of glass in one part. What sort of bogans create this mess?

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