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Hot day for a hot lap

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By LadyToast - Posted on 02 January 2011

2 Jan 11

After 4 weeks off the bike due to the new addition to the family I found this hard going, especially on a hot day. Next time I'll put some faster tyres on and try on a cooler day, I reckon that sub 30 is pretty achievable.

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33 is already fast! Sub 30... Im up for the challenge... I was out on West Head Friday morning and saw a couple of MTBers flying up C&C to the start of the ctr track - looked sub 30 pace, but nothing posted yet. I'll give it a nudge this week - after i hit a sub 55 on the Perimeter/Long trail - well thats the aim anyway...

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Well done....sub 30 is very achievable. Would like to see someone do it.

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