You are hereSeems to be the hot lap to do at the moment!

Seems to be the hot lap to do at the moment!

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By tate - Posted on 03 January 2011

3 Jan 11

Last day of holidays and after seeing a hot lap challenge of sub 30min for this in a few recent posts, i thought id give it a go. Having never done it before i went around once to suss out the track. Fairy rocky, but nothing too tricky - except for the climb after the gate off San Martin Drive, so i set off on lap 2.

Made me laugh when i realised ladytoasts lap had been beaten only a hour or so before i did my lap. At least i now dont feel bad for taking it off you so soon, you have Blackflash to thank for that.

Lap 2 here:

If someone else has logged it with a garmin, id like to know their recorded distance. Mine says 11.7km, not the 14km in the hot lap description - not sure why given im using a speed cadence sensor. Maybe battery's going flat?

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Nice work Tate! And nearly a whole minute under the 30 mark! What bike did you do that on?

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i think I can update the distance as I submitted the ride so will try - I will go with yours as I dont have the extra sensor

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ive never done that ride before and so the downhill was a little sketchy and i wasnt sure which climbs to punch and which to sit and pin. i was pretty cooked from a 110km solo ride to an A grade beauie crit the day before so im sure theres a couple of minutes in it to go.

i thought the shape of the water bars was really great - not too sharp and the landing zones were great too.

did it on a scott spark. is there anything better/quicker?

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Yes there is - but it has a 1000cc engine...
You're right about the water bars - with the exception of one tricky one. (the one with the dip before the bar) Ive only ever taken it at speed - jumped the dip and bounced off the top - all has gone well so far with the landings after that.
Oh and i found the reason for going bush - not the pads, not the rotor - but a seized piston on the rear brake... off to the LBS...

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Great time Tate. I knew someone would come along and smash it. If you are planning on knocking off a couple more minutes wait a while eh? Eye-wink

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And yes, I think you can go quicker, particularly on the duckhole trail.

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Keep it up boys, maybe sub 30 was too easy, for some! Who's got a 25 in them!Sticking out tongue
Great time Tate.

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