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Is sub 50 possible?

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By ps - Posted on 06 January 2011

6 Jan 11

Well someone quick could do a sub 50 time the way conditions are at the moment.

Happy with improving my time by over 5 minutes and averaged 22.9. Will try again in a few months.

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Just dont tell Tate. He'll do a sub 45 instead, after a 125km warm up, and at night - with no lights! Smiling
I might give it a bash Saturday or Sunday.

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Tate will do it, after racing on Sunday at Beauie on his road bike lol.

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so tell your kids and horses to stay clear!

i havent done it before but 53m (23.5km/hr) sounds like a pretty good time. i assume its not very hilly?

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There is a notable hill near the end of the Long trail. The other lung/leg killer is the climb out - 4 pinches in a row with sand in between. Ive done a 57min twice, but never under 55. Mind you the new bike should take off a couple of minutes. My aim is to go under 55. If i can be at the corner in under 16 mins and turnaround before 28, then sub 50 might be possible. The funny thing is - if you encounter a horse - your hotlap is all over as it is courtesy to either stop or go VERY slow around the horse. And Dick Smith landing his helicopter on your head can be a little offputting too...

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Elevation is between 60-75m every 5k so no big hills although anything seems big when your flat out.
I did see a big black snake on the long trail that had me taking a cautious approach on the return trip as he was lying across the inside line on a corner. It certainly got my attention as 2m is about as big as i have seen.

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Is anyone else struggling with the 1st lip on the pinch climb on the Long ATM? The right to left line doesn't work for me anymore.

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