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By Black Flash - Posted on 07 January 2011

7 Jan 11

Short story - the best Per/LT conditions ive ridden in 3 years. Fast and flowing. Every little stick looks like it's moving when your busting your lungs!!! Saw what looked like 2 other NOBMOBers setting Hotlaps of their own. Should see great times from them too! Now for a well earned scotch and coke, i mean powerade or something...
Breakdown of split times: 14.30 to Long Trail, 24.45 to the lookout, 32.40 to Perim Trail. 48.41 to gate.

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Awesome time. Well done.

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well done - I imagine hard to beat that one - you are on fire at the mo

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Who is this masked man? Eye-wink

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Dammit. I'm gonna have to bust my balls tomorrow now.
Great time. 26ish km/h is going to be hard to beat.

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If anyone can do it - its Super Tate!!!... Eye-wink
I hope it's not as humid for you tomorrow - It was very sweaty out there this arvo after the rain from the morning. But the track condition will be perfect for a very fast one. I'll be out there again tomorrow morn too with a few others.
Go get it!

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Sounds like there could be a bit of a challenge on...

Just smacked down 2 slices of Xmas pudding with double cream, can this be classed as fuel?


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and watch out for horses, P+LT are frequently used by our 4 legged friends. Spooking a horse can have catastrophic consequences. Horse riders are not a user group we want to get off-side.


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