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By Slowpup - Posted on 27 February 2011

22 Jan 11

Really hot and I had to look at Wayne's sweaty bum the whole way too, and he wouldn't stop chatting so I couldn't catch a breath. This might be a bit cheeky as I stopped for an undrink along the lap which isn't recorded.

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So whats the track like round there?
Thinking of doing the next Rocky Trail race to be held there.
BTW, do you have anymore of those carbon helmet mounts left for sale???

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Mt Annan is pretty twisty, and most of the hard work (uphill) gets done under tree cover. I found it difficult to get up a flow on the single lap I did, but I reckon after a couple of laps and learning what's around the next corner the flow would come.

The Rocky Trail should be fantastic once they open up the new loop. On the original loop only it would be mighty congested. Like a conga line of bikes.

Helmet mounts, I'll see what's on the shelf and get back to you.

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