You are hereFirst entry... I'll be number 1 until someone else rides it :-)

First entry... I'll be number 1 until someone else rides it :-)

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By danielschipper - Posted on 01 March 2011

1 Mar 11

Re did today as by popular vote the Hot Lap has been extended all the way down the VERY steep fire trail.... added about 1:30 to my time (I did spin out about 10 meters from the top of the pinch)

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Ive not ridden that trail yet. Thanks for logging it.

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You've posted some quick times so interested to see what it can be done in...

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Will get to it one day - still recovering from my 70kmh crash 6 weeks ago... But... Bathe in your glory!!!! Youre still the quickest... I held that title on the duck holes track for about 6 hours... And again on the Perim/LT for about a day... I hope you keep your crown for longer...

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Looking forward to having a crack at it soon Smiling

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