You are here39t big ring just didn't cut it!

39t big ring just didn't cut it!

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By lozza6 - Posted on 04 March 2011

26 Feb 11

Thought the blur deserved a run at it despite only having the 26/39 XX crankset

The thing rolls like its on ice!

Bigger big ring would've helped a lot, having said that though, legs were pretty jelly by the end...

Solo effort whilst being a tour barbie for some n00bs

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Holly cr4p thats fast Lozza, you been snacking on epo or something Eye-wink

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Is that fast what passes for fast these days is it Eye-wink

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Not fast just fat Smiling

It's all bike when you're talking about just rolling downhill Smiling

Would live to see the tine if I had the 30/45 XX combo. But then woulnt bb actually made it to the helipad tonstart with! Haha

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Have to give it a go while I am fat and slow I am curious to see how far I am off my 2:52 pace of a couple years back.

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Damien, I assume your talking 2 hours 52 minutes up and back and not 2 minutes 52 seconds from the helipad to the gate Eye-wink

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Yes yes up and back.

I should see if I can get close to my 7:38 for the helipad run while I am at it.

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