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By ps - Posted on 05 March 2011

5 Mar 11

Its been 2 months since I did this hot lap so was hoping to go a couple of minutes faster. Ended up going just over a minute faster after problems with the rear brake on the downhill. On the positive side it should make it easier to go faster next time.

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Reckon a sub 30 is possible for you Paul. Importantly ... was your brother in front or behind ? Are you finally going to upgrade to a bigger rotor ? Or just take the rear brake off completely and go for a sub 25 ?

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The problem with the brake was due to air so a heavier larger rotor wouldn't of helped. It started about 4 weeks ago and I have just been pumping it up at the beginning of the ride and it normally stays ok. In this case it was solid on the ride up duckholes and worked going back past the bush fire station but nothing when I got to the downhills a few minutes later. Made for some interesting lines as I was trying to pump it back up.

Surprisingly I was in front of my brother down duckholes, then he caught back up on the road section up the hill. Was able to drop him again on the centre track hills so ended up about a minute in front. He did have a few excuses (read plenty of beers at a wedding the night before) and managed to bend the seatpost when he tried to jump one of the duckhole ruts near a waterbar. The entry level cleats on my hard tail are not very forgiving when you change shoes so his bunny hop attempt managed to unclip both shoes, do a quick superman and land on the seat just as he hit the waterbar. Anyway I recon he would go sub 30 now if he had a good run on his anthem 29er.

btw do you have a younger brother or am I the only one with a younger brother who borrows something, bends it, then hands it back.

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Normally he just "borrows" something and I never see it again

Or, he "borrows" beer and then just hands me back the open and empty bottle....

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Funny how brothers bring out your competitive streak ,even if it's for the last chip on the plate Eye-wink

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I reckon im up for the sub 30 challenge in a few weeks. More rehab needed before that.
Oh and agree with the little bro's, i never see any of my stuff again... and yes we would fight for the last chip - always have...

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cause mine does the same thing with beer and borrowed stuff.

Craig, I need to be careful which competitions I pick, he does go sub 5 hours in the dirtworks and this was the first ride I have been able to stay close to him and we ONLY averaged 19+kph when moving.

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