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Another crack at it

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By GiantNut - Posted on 06 March 2011

6 Mar 11

Thought since others were improving times I would have a go too - was about 2mins ahead of my best after the road section but couldn't keep it going ended up about a minute better.

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You are getting to the pointy end of the times - so even seconds matter... But if youre having fun - who cares.

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As others commented, at the pointy end, second's count!
Well done, I feel your pain and happiness with your time

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Hate hot laps - prob not many more in me as you push yourself v hard but its a nice yardstick to see yr fitness/technique improve - The fun bit is overtaking roadies up the hill past the toll booth to West Hd and watch them stand up and go for it - even funnier are the ones that stand up but then nothing seems to happen.

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And a good time as well. My brother had me passing roadies up McCarrs Creek Road on the commute to the start of the hot lap so at least you got something for your efforts. For what its worth I think I went better because I didn't try to hard up the road section.

My splits were 11:15 to the road, another 6 minutes to the west head turnoff and then a max speed of 36.6 into a headwind on the road on the way back to 303 so I gained most of my time on centre track.

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