You are hereFirst look at Mt Annan - nice venue!

First look at Mt Annan - nice venue!

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By Fatboy - Posted on 06 March 2011

6 Mar 11

Went and did some laps to check it out before the Rocky Trail race at the end of the month. It's definitely the sort of course where you can gain minutes by knowing the track. There are plenty of slow corners and I kept braking only to find I could have carried a lot more momentum. My first few laps were in the 25min range but steadily reduced as I got to know the course. I feel there is a lot more to gain as well. The top guys should get close to 15min.

The 'A' lines were great with some cool little techy bits but on race day it will be much quicker to take all the smoother 'B' lines.

It is the sort of track where it will be hard to drink from bottles in a race as it is 99% twisty single track so looks like the Camelbak will be needed.

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rode is actually shorter than the one being used on race day .

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are they using some fire trail at the northern end? that would be a good idea for some extra passing opportunities

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the fire trail at the southern end , when you come out of the carpark across the canal , look right , I think you will be coming up from there pass the entrance where you cross the canal by the looks of the course map ,I rode that bit last Monday morning , plenty of room too overtake thru that bit .

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