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Rehab ride - first attempt - Up and Up and Up!

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By Black Flash - Posted on 08 March 2011

8 Mar 11

Cruised down to the creek for a real good go at the climb. Sprinted for 30 secs to realise that my GPS had gone flat.... bugger. Rolled back down, rested for a few minutes and used the bike computer. Made it to 2 minutes before i thought i was going to explode! Pushed through just waiting to see the gate - then there it is... pedal more damn it!!! Then made it. HR up to 195BPM, but no spew thankfully.
I actually think i can better this time by 5 - 10 seconds as i forgot to lock out my suspension second time round - have found this helps heaps on most of the local hills. Will try again in a couple of weeks.

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Given the past few weeks....welcome back. Keep it up.

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The bike was born to climb!!! Should be interesting to see what sort of time i get when i lock out the suspension...

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