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By Fankles - Posted on 13 March 2011

13 Mar 11

Time was pretty good, something was up though was miles off my threshold heartrate and unable to get on top of my gears.
Finished the ride with a pain in the guts that would kill a brown dog. Pulled over to let one horse rider pass by safely for 30 secs or so on the trail and stopped the clock accordingly, don't think it makes much difference time wise.
On the way home had to pull into the mobil servo on mona vale road for a rather explosive fart. Felt much better after that. Thanks Mobil service stations. You rock!!
Will add Garmatron link bit one day when I work it out....
Right now time for a beer!
At this point I am still too scared to fart.

Sorry folks it does say "the full story" .... so you got it.

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did you drop-enough to have done a PB on your hot lap!!!

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Dunno bro .... got up from the throne thought I was done then rumble rumble and it was on for round two!

Even Kenny the poo man woulda been runnin scared, there was smoke flyin off the can I tell you brother

Again thank you to Mobil Service Stations.


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Weren't you riding down in Wingello young man for Willo huh?

You missed a fantastic day. Gordo came in 3rd

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Getting time off atm is pretty thin on the ground brother, was at the office 6 days this week so trying to plan any races is very low on the list sadly. Will try and make it down that neck of the woods for next years event though...
James was a real trooper...

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Is it all about Toilet Talk with you? Eye-wink

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Blame that Rob guy ... he asks for "the full story" ........... So one feels obliged to deliver nothing but ...?

Gaz you of all people must know...... when you have a talent ya gotta let in run right?


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Especially considering all that sand this weekend. Which bike did you set that blazing time on?

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You always astound me at the detail in which you discuss 'poo time'!
@ Black Flash, I'm Guessing the Yeti Big Top 29er for that wicked run????

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Big Top it was ..... the low flying weapon!
You'll be pleased to know Gaz that I haven't made any mad dashes to the can today.

Feeling much better... Smiling

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for the update mate!
anymore problems down below, dont forget to let me know!
Hey! i'm a poet and i didn't know it!

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Haha too much information!

Yes, you have a talent and it looks like you let it run. Eye-wink

That would certainly give me the motivation to get back the RFS carpark ASAP.

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