Liam Gully D

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By pikey - Posted on 14 June 2007

Slide show Liam Gully A,B,C & D to get full effect

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Well done Liam and pikey!!!
They are awesome!
And look who's smiling in pic D??? Smiling

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A close look at his mouth in C and D might suggest he had just be "Nobbed"

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Yes, I am smiling in that pic. At the amazing state of the trail. The fantastic trail maintenance that has been done in there. Pushing oneself, to infinity and beyond. Aaaah, the pristine bliss of Majura. That place was awesome.

I have said it before, but I can't wait to get back there. We explored only a small slice of it, so we will have to make a special trip between now and the Mont. Two days of Majura anyone?


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I is innit, respec'!

Definitely won't be missing the next trip! Hopefully...

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Yes please,the trails were fantastic, unfortunately I cant see them putting all those nice jumps in the 24hr course so another visit is a must.

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