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Family rides near Jindabyne/Snowy Mountains?

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By Hans - Posted on 01 April 2011

Any suggestions for easy/medium level family rides around the Jindabyne/Snowy Mountains area?

We are heading to the Snowies after the Mont, staying at Jindabyne and have 5 days in the local area. Appreciate any suggestions for local trails (both single track and gravel) suitable for our three boys (10, 12, 13) and S.O. Thank you.

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Surprising really Smiling

There is some cycle path stuff around Lake Jindabyne.

The ride from Charlottes Pass up towards Kosi is relatively easy to start with, but gets steeper. You can go as far as the team is able I suppose.

Don't try the fire trail from Island Bend back down the Snowy towards Jindabyne, although it looks good on a map. It is an electricity tower service trail and is all up/down/up/down. Kids get pi**ed off pretty quickly.

The sniggle at East Jindabyne was fairly techy for youngsters, but I haven't been there for years.

Don't know what access is like at Lake Crackenback, but there is some sniggle there and some fire trails around Bullocks Flat which might be reasonably kiddie friendly.

I haven't been around the village tracks at Thredbo for a few years either, but they are probably worth checking out and there's plenty else for the kids there - luge, indoor pool, golf, chairlift. And a pub...

A couple of other options here

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The Crackenback Resort has some nice trails around it. Moderate to easy, not technical. Mix of wide trail and single track - with some nice riding near the river. Good places to picnic.

The resort is on the road from Jindaybyne ot Thredbo - about halfway - just before the NP entrance. Just drive in, park and have a ride.

The rides around Thredbo village can be a bit steep for youngsters in places - but the Golf Course ride is nice.

Further up, the ride out from Dead Horse Gap along the 4WD Cascade Track to Cascade Hut is really nice. Watch the weather up there - it could snow at any time. The ride down from the range to the creek near the Hut is great - but a bit of a slog back out later.

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Have just been through the area and would highly recommend Lake Crackenback Resort trails through to Thredbo diggings campground and return, they give out maps at the resort.
Would also reiterate Cascade Trail, though you may want to consider out to Bobs Ridge as although it's great out to Cascade Hut the hill back is 3km of slog, albeit in beautiful country.
Between the dam wall and east jindabyne (tyrolean village) a shared bike/walk way has been put in and is meant to be good for all. It still has offshoots for more adventurous.
Kosi is always good from CP

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