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Belanglo State Forest?

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By Rob - Posted on 18 June 2007

I heard a while back that the trail fairies had been out and about in here (Belanglo State Forest).

Can anyone comment? Looks like your usual (flat) state forest but if there was some nice sniggle in there it might be worth a look.

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Not sure of any recent track building their, but the orienteerers (both foot & mtb) have been using that area for some time. I would be worth while trying to get hold of an orienteering map of the area if you wanted to explore.

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Always happy to go exploring though Eye-wink

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That's nasty S. You will be relying on her to get you home in a week! Your life is in her hands.

Sounds like a nice ride. I am with Caro on that one. I am always up for an explore. Although the lack of hills can be a worry. Without riding up any hills, there is nothing to ride down on the other side!! Laughing out loud

We could combine that with a run out at Wingello, if it doesn't turn out that great. They are not far away from each other. Or go to Majura instead!! Sticking out tongue

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Ivan Mallat was walking through the Belanglo state forest with a backpacker
who turned to Ivan and said, Gee it's getting kind of scary walking through here now that it's getting dark. Ivan said, what are worried about, I've gotta walk out of here alone!

I'll try and stay on topic next time, John.

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