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New standard issue bike for NPWS rangers?

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By Hans - Posted on 19 April 2011

New standard issue bike for the NPWS park rangers?

This female ranger was spotted patrolling the track near Mt Kosciusko last weekend.... Smiling

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Is it just me or is something missing?

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first thing I noticed too. Perhaps it's a set up of some kind?

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Beanie would offer just as much protection as some xc helmets...

Interestingly I sold a 29er to a NP ranger just last week.

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Yeah not sure what he is doing in the background. Some sort of where's wally. Wouldn't it just be easier to stand behind the camera???

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Some dude with a helmet laying on a rock there.....Eye-wink

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Tell us Hans, if you didn't want to be in the photo, why not stand behind the camera Puzzled

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Hi Brian

It's my son Benji sitting behind the rock playing in the snow. Accidentally included in the background.

My whole family cycled up to Seaman's hut @ Mt Kosciusko, incl. my 10 year old. Pretty special experince especially as we got caught in a snow storm on the way back to Charlotte's pass.

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LOL.... you're talking about the bright red object in the background (which I now see is Benji's arm)... I was puzzled by it before coming to the conclusion it was a washed up inflatable boat. Thanks for clearing that up because I couldn't quite figure out what it was doing there Eye-wink

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I couldnt be 100% sure though lol!

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Nice work Hans! I was going to drag the family up there last October but miscalculated the end of ski season. Did the kids enjoy it or were they exhausted and hypothermic by the end?

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Actually all the rest of our clan (Brenda and our three boys, 13, 12 and 10 years old) made it well up to Seaman's hut @ 2030 metres, before the weather turned.

Family ride on Mt Kosciuszko....Seaman's hut

For the last steep stretch before the snow line I had to rig up a tow rope from four shoe strings to pull brave little Angelo (10) with my bike.

Family ride on Mt Kosciuszko....

The weather up there can change every 5- 10 minutes from sunshine to snow storms and blizzards. When we had to ride back in the freezing drizzle we were reminded only to attempt this in proper hiking gear with multiple layers and proper preparation etc...

The shelter hut at the pass was dedicated by a family who had lost their son in a snow storm nearby. And inside the hut is a plaque with the story of 4 snow boarders that died 500 metres away, when they lost their orientation and suffocated when their makeshift snow cave collapsed....

Stay safe! Smiling

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