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Family ride on Mt Kosciuszko....Seaman's hut

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By Hans - Posted on 20 April 2011

@ Mt Kosciuszko....

We actually all (Brenda and my three boys) made it well up to Seaman's hut @ 2030 metres, before the weather turned. For the last steep stretch before the snow line I had to rig up a tow rope from boot strings to pull brave little Angelo (10) with my bike.

The weather up there can change every 5 - 10 minutes from sunshine to snow storms and blizzards. When we had to ride back in the freezing drizzle we were reminded only to attempt this in proper hiking gear with multiple layers and proper preparation etc...

The shelter hut at the pass was dedicated by a family who had lost their son in a snow storm nearby. And inside the hut is a plaque with the story of 4 snow boarders that died 500 metres away, when they lost their orientation and suffocated when their makeshift snow cave collapsed....

Stay safe!

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Is that above the tree line?

Well done Angelo!

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At 2000m, definitely.

Years ago I did it on XC skis, from Charlottes Pass on a perfect midwinter's day. Great experience. Must get back there with the bike in summer.

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