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Craft TransAlp 2012 - On the lookout for a Partner

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By Logan - Posted on 02 May 2011

So I know a lot of people wont be keen for this because it involves a number of big undertakings I guess, however I am quite keen, so thought I would put it out there and see if anyone is interested, so yeah I am looking for a partner to get involved and do this stage race in Europe.

Basically I would like to race the Craft TransAlp in 2012, its in Europe and is basically a 8 days stage race in July covering almost 700km's and over 21000 metres of climbing. As Brian put it via email, its like a Angry Doctor every single day.

Website is a bit rubbish but here is a link:

So yeah I am on the lookout for a partner to race with, who is similar ability to me and up for the challenge, I am currently racing 100k's at under the 5 hour mark to give you some idea of my pace, I am expecting to be quicker by 2012. I am looking to spend maybe 4 weeks in Europe, take in two marathons before the race and then a week and a half off after the racfe.

So yeah anyone keen or know anyone that would be interested, happy to talk via PM/Phonecall whatever.

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Gee Andy, 21,000m of climbing in 8 days! Sounds awfully tempting but I'm sure I've got something less likely to kill me in the diary!

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