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The Oaks - Top to Bottom Complete

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By tate - Posted on 22 May 2011

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The Oaks
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Seems to be one of our most popular rides, so here is the Hot Lap for it.

Start your time at the gate at the top of the oaks, and stop it at the speed hump at the rangers house at the top of the tarmac climb at the finish. Include the singletrack section, after all it is the main reason to do this ride.

Include stoppage time.

Rank Name Date HH:MM:SS Sound Bite
1 AB1990 3 Jan 14 00:48:27 Great trail
2 tate 22 May 11 00:50:38 This ride's always a blast
3 Dutchy74 28 Dec 13 00:58:45 Great trail
4 Brian 2 Jul 11 01:04:17 Not as cruisy as last time
5 Black Flash 12 Jun 11 01:04:28 First timed run
6 stopthatastronaut 22 Sep 12 01:04:50 Feels good after doing the uphill first ;-)
7 ab1981 21 Jan 13 01:10:06 Boom
8 Runo 2 Jul 11 01:15:01 A bit tired after Ando's
9 StevieG 12 May 12 01:17:05 Quicker than last time!
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Would have to do it twice!!! Once to blast down for a hot lap. Jump on the train, go back up and do it for the second time just to cruise with your mates...

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Are these times from the gate at Woodford to the gate at the entrance to the National Park at Glenbrook? IE Including the single track with technical section?

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Yes, they are.

Wont see me doing it that quick

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