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The Grove Jumps

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By Rob - Posted on 06 June 2011

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That's exactly what can be done when people want to work together and do thing properly. Not only does it look good to ride it just plain looks good.

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.....Like a golf course I played recently Eye-wink

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looks awesome ,pity I don't have the skill to ride it ! actually I dont know many that do.

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oh come on mate, they're not that big, a lot of people would enjoy those

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Indeed, many will enjoy those jumps ,my Grandkids would think that place is great ! and I'll be there to drive them down to casualty after Eye-wink

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come on craked, don't put forward age as a reason not to do things...there are some DH riders that are 40+ and go hard! on big jumps at high speed. (i admit as you get older you tend to think about self-preservation more but sensible practice can overcome that if you want to).

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