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Flying Liam

Rob's picture

By Rob - Posted on 03 July 2007

blackbetty's picture

facial expression... priceless.

Bruce's picture

This is why some of us were wearing full face helmets Laughing out loud

Jee10's picture

Haha. Nice one!! What's that sticking out of your mouth?

Little-Ditty's picture

Well, the look of concentration says it all. Eyes forward, spotting the landing zone, weight adjusted nicely, body tucked in with elbows out. Nice. I loved that jump. With the kicker that it was, it was so easy to get it wrong. Smiling

Rob's picture

You mean like this:

Julian Oops

Laughing out loud

Little-Ditty's picture

That's the one!! Laughing out loud It was a nice save tho!!

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