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Julian Oops

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By Rob - Posted on 03 July 2007

Despite what you'd think Julian somehow managed to avoid an OTB here. Nice work!

Brought back memories of the previous week for me Eye-wink

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That is one serious look of determination. I wonder whether Julian knew what he was getting into on this trail, without any elbow pads on? Those rocks on the ground would have cut him but good. Definitely some serious pucker factor there. Bruce, you have to email him this shot. Smiling

This is possibly only topped by the 'endo' photo of Stu going OTB at Sparrow Hill. Now that's a classic.

Bruce's picture

Yes its allready been sent to him & we both had a good laugh at it.

We really should commend Rob for his excellent camera work on this shot & all the others, job well done mate.

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