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my new favorite discipline!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 26 August 2007

spent a few hours today on the new p3 at terrey hills bmx track, after a rusty start i soon warmed up and was launching off all the jumps, this thig is a dream! its got the nimbleness of a bmx yet the stability of a big downhill bike. i cant fault it and its my new favofite toy! the only reason i came home was i was shaking with exhaustion, even then pulling into the driveway i had to talk myself out of taking it for a spin at red hill. I LOVE IT!!! bruce, you have to get one of these things. GREAT FUN!

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your gonna need to build yourself a new garage at this rate....

would be sorta really cool to have a garage with every dicipline of bike on display all the way from bmx to roadie to DH.

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he already does!

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Cool so......coming back to the N+1 theory. is yours?

B= N + 2
B= N x N

N = number of bikes you own
B = Ideal Number of bikes you want to have

Says he who can only afford B=N Eye-wink

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i think i have N+6 and wantB+8???? btw,taco'd the front wheel on the new bike, beyond repair i think. cant wait to get it fixed so i can get back on it though!

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Eh? Aren't dirt jump bikes meant to be indestructible?! How did you do that?

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not happy jan! took the wrong course on a landing and headed right into a bank/wall of mud. noticed earlier that it was slightly buckled and hadn't really hit anything before. a bit dubious about dt swiss rims now after taco'ing two now( one on a cross country ride at night) wouldn't mind getting a bling white or yellow set but i know narrabeen will only stock the same replacement rims and really need them fixed for the weekend although i can swap the rotor on my downhill bike and put a nice sun rim on for the moment. can anyone point me in the right direction for some bling rims and a wheelbuild not too far away? stuart, i know youre good at this?

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first time around. Despite my weight and obviouse lack of technical skill I have yet to taco a wheel so haven't had to replace.

If you can wait, have a look at in the states. The name would suggest they should be able to help. For something local waht about fortheriders I think they mainly specialise in DH and jump gear. Then again your local really seems to look after you so get them to order in what you want, just not DT swiss cheese

Thats the best I can do, sorry

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Friend and I have been thinking we might head up there for a bit of a look and muck around.

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