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Stonefly begins

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By Brumma - Posted on 05 July 2011

Awesome flowy trails begin

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that looks great ,gotta go there,maybe a NoBMoB road trip?

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Did somebody say road trip - hell yeah!

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Yeah, the trails at Buller are fantastic. Stonefly in particular, you almost don't need to use your brakes on the descents because you descend a couple of metres, then gain 1m which slows you down just enough to launch you into the next fun section… like a never ending pump track Smiling

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Whoa... who'd have thunk... a state tourism department promoting MTB. Well done Victoria!!!

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Vic has got their stuff together when it comes to cycling.
I spent a couple of weeks down there at Christmas riding Beechworth and then Forest.
They were more than willing to take my tourist dollars and I was more than happy to hand them over, so much so that I plan on going back sometime this year- I hope someone form Tourism NSW is reading this because as a family we spent a lot of dollars down there.

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now i'm going to have to plan more biking holidays!

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Spent 8 days at the end of March this year down there doing the Dirty Dozen trails at Bright, Falls Creek, Mt Beauty and Beechworth. Didn't quite get to Buller (will do next time) but had a great time.

The area around Bright in particular is awesome - friendly locals super keen to show you around, topped off with a great brewery and some fantastic places to eat.

If only it was a little closer to home !


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